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As Christmas is coming upon us

As we prepare for the Christmas Holiday to begin we start to lose sight of what this season is all about. We make sure the kids get all the gifts they ask for and wrap them up so pretty and neat. We make sure our parents, nieces/nephews, grandparents, friends, teachers and bus drivers all get a gift as well wrapped up so perfect. Heavens to Betsey if you do a bad job wrapping any kind of gift. We clean the house, buy the food and drinks . During this entire process you are saying to yourself....I hate this time of year. I hate wrapping gifts, why do I have to buy gifts for everyone I know. We tend to get overwhelmed with all these details so then we have totally lost the real reason of Christmas. Christmas is a time to remember what the day is all about. The day our Lord and Savior was born. God sent his only son to this earth as an infant to make sure we had a way to heaven. So during your running around, cleaning your house, opening your gifts and having your Christmas celebration, stop for a moment and Thank God for what he had done for us on this most wonderful day.

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  • Dana Kaminski
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