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A Look Back At 2017


As 2017 is coming to a close I have to take a moment and examine all that has happened. Ron and I became foster parents, received our first placement of littles that we could not love anymore than our own. Sidney began competing in gymnastics, and excelled in the sport. She made it to the State Gymnastics meet and placed. She now is taking up basketball. Sidney right now if finding out what she really likes to do. I see her with her little foster siblings and it warms my heart. She loves those 3 kids so much and it shows everyday. Madelyn has become a better horse rider and has become more compassionate to all animals and people around her. Her heart is filled with such love for others. She has been so fun to see grow. She has grown in her faith and will share it with others like no one I have seen before. She is not afraid what others will think or say to her. She lives her life to make the Lord proud of her. Our lives have changed so very much, we have over doubled with little people. So we are always on our toes.During this time we are in the middle of potty training and doing A LOT of laundry. But we will get there. There have been many ups and downs and turns and curves. There were times we all just wanted to give up and throw in the towel. But, by the grace of God he held us up when we were ready to fall. I will forever be grateful to the wonderful man I get to wake up every morning. I not only get to call him my husband but also the daddy to my children. Ron has shown us this past year that he is a great leader for our household. He has surly shown our girls what a good husband is suppose to look like. I fall in love with him more an more everyday. God has trusted Ron and I to raise our girls to teach them to love the Lord and trust Him. Lastly we are so thankful for the foster children that have been placed in our home. We could not love them anymore then if they were our own bio children. Every night before bed is prayer time and we are sure to pray for their parents and all our friends and of course family.2017 was not the best year for us by far, but we are choosing to look at all the blessings instead of all the what if's. We have so much to be thankful for and I can not wait to see what 2018 has in store for us. My grandma Yvonne became an angel this past fall. I miss her with my whole heart and can until I get to see her again one day.One thing I do know good or bad we will face it together as a family and I will have my best friend Ron right by my side through it all.

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  • Dana Kaminski
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