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A Dream Come True

About Dana
First and foremost this would not be reality with out our Our Lord and Savior. Dana is a wife and a mom of 2 Tween daughters. Dana and her husband, Ron are also foster parents. The family also has a lab mix named Sofia, 4 chickens and a rabbit. There is always laundry to be done, food to be made, dishes to be washed, homework to be done and activities her girls need to be at. Dana also works full time for a non-profit. Her role there is to work with the homeless get back on their feet. Very busy and tired a lot, but loving every minute of it.
About Laine Ann & Company
 Dana has not always had a love for fashion. It really started when she spent a summer with her childhood friend, Harmony Polo in Los Angles where she was a hair stylist to the stars. She began to take note of the vast different ways people dressed in and what they thought was beautiful and totally owning what their style was. Dana loved to confidence she saw. She went back to Wisconsin with a new spin on her wardrobe. She learned to  love of taking random pieces of clothing from her closet to make a stunning outfit.
The Laine Ann & Company's name came from the middle names of her girls. Laine is the middle name of her oldest daughter, it is a combination of Dana's 2 grandmothers,  and Ann is her youngest daughters middle name. Ann comes from her husband Ron's grandma.. So, she took 3 generations to help make this store come to life.
About Dana’s Home
Her home is a very busy home. With after school activities, hunting, Packer games, family and friends coming and going, animals to be taken care of and toys to pick up. There is always  something going on at her home. Being Foster Parents Dana and Ron could have  a single child in their home or a sibling group. And they are loving it. Also, it wouldn’t be complete without the radio playing through out the house and at any moment a free style dance can break out.
Dana will be blogging and giving some tutorials from time to time so stay tuned  to what is new at Laine Ann & Company. Laine Ann & Company is a local online business to Central Wisconsin and Dana takes pride in each and every piece of clothing. Dana truly hopes you love the clothing as much as she does. Don't forget there is FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING.
Thank you for stopping at Laine Ann & Company. We really hope you find something that makes you feel beautiful. Each person has their own beautiful.

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