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Why is this not your style

Why is this not your style 2

Have you ever been shopping with a friend or by yourself, you find a top and the first thing that pops into your head  or out of your friend's mouth is, "well that is not my style." "I can't pull that off." My question to you is: Why not? What makes one piece you and not another? If I have learned anything it is to put yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes. It does not have to be a big thing, like a shirt for example. Wear a shirt you normally would not wear. If you wear that shirt with confidence, your outward appearance will be an instant change. 

You want to follow the trends, well then go for it. Set your own trends. Wear what you want, when you want and wear it with the utmost confidence. You will see. People will ask you what is different about you? What have you done? Something so simple can have lasting effects. 

I guess what I am trying to express here is, don't put yourself in a box. Don't sell yourself short on what you can and can not wear. You can wear anything you want to. Go on and step out...have fun with your style.


Spring Is Definitely In The Air

Spring Is Definitely In The Air 2

Well, it has been a very long and cold winter here in the Mid-West, but Spring weather finally here and here to stay. Last time we thought that we experienced one of the largest snowstorms in Wisconsin history. The temperature has been going in one direction and one direction only, UP!!! That means SPRING is HERE..... We at Laine Ann & Company are so happy to see the warm weather and are welcoming it with open arms. 

Being able to get outside without having to bundle up is so amazing. We have had a lot of new styles coming into the store lately. We are just loving them and now we are even happier because we are able to wear them. 

As you may have noticed the new trend this Spring is strips and floral. We feel we have found a very good balance between the two. We are also happy to add some Plus Sizes to our boutique. We are confident you like the choices we have made and would love to hear your feedback on them. In fact, we would like to hear your feedback on how well you feel we are doing. We strive to make the Laine Ann & Company experience a positive one. We want to make you feel confident and showcase your own style. As I have said many times, I love to wear my new clothes with clothes I already own. It's called reinventing your closet. Something I love to do. 

So thank you very much for all of your support and well wishes. This means the world to us here at Laine Ann & Company.  Many blessings to you and yours.

Plus Sizes coming soon and digging out from all the snow

Plus Sizes coming soon and digging out from all the snow 2

Here at Laine Ann & Company have listened to our customers and we are adding a few plus sizes to our spring line. I have added one here and the rest will go live tomorrow. Please be looking out for those. I took a lot of time choosing these tops so I hope you like them. 

I know in other parts of the county you are having wonderful warm weather, but here in the Mid-West, we are finally digging out from our 3rd largest snowstorm ever. Who would have thought 2 feet of snow in the middle of April? The sun has been out and the snow is melting. God willing the snow will soon be gone. 

I have been waiting for the snow to leave to do a fashion shoot at an outside location. Praying maybe next weekend we will be able to. Until then enjoy the photo's we have and look for those updated ones.

Thank you again for visiting us at Laine Ann & Company. We really appreciate you.

Spring Trends

Spring Trends 2

Today is the official first day of Spring and we are looking at the new trends. This Spring you are going to see a lot of floral print, tie fronts and bright colors. At Laine Ann & Company you are going to see some very comfortable dresses, detailed tops, cropped pants, and rompers. You will also see accessories from Good Works. We feel strongly about giving back and this company gives back to multiple organizations. 

We will on the road a little this Spring and Summer. Our first show is going to be at the Holiday Inn in Stevens Point Wi. The second one we will be at is at Mavericks in Polonia Wi. We are excited to getting on the road and meeting some of our customers. Stay tuned to see where we will be next.

  • Dana Kaminski
Now that Spring is on it's way

Now that Spring is on it's way 0

Spring fashion is on it's way.
Trying to post the perfect unboxing

Trying to post the perfect unboxing 0

Well today was one of those day where I had the expectation my 1st unboxing of our new Spring Line was going to go great. Well that did not happen. The computer did not cooperate, my phone recorded it but would not transfer over and then Sidney left to a friends house to complete her school science project. So, all of you got to see me bad hair and all. I have learned I have to stop putting all of these big expectations on myself to get it right all the time. Finally, I just had to go with it. You all got to see me sick and bad hair. This is real life. I want to thank you all for being patient with me and I will try to promise to get it right the next time.
  • Dana Kaminski